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  Since 1995, Top Flight Concepts has been a reliable leader in the transportation market, offering a variety of freight-related services. With the creation of TFConnect, Top Flight Concepts has taken all of this valuable experience and bundled it into a complete software solution. However, TFC recognizes that many companies interested in TFConnect can often benefit from the help of an experienced partner. Consequently, Top Flight Concepts offers numerous valuable freight-related services.
  • Training
      TFConnect is such an intuitive system that, for most users, little or no training is needed to get up and running. However, when used most effectively, TFConnect has the power to drastically improve the efficiency of our subscribers' operations. To make sure our customers take full advantage of the software, Top Flight Concepts provides live training both at our headquarters and on-site at our subscribers' locations.  
  • Software Customization
      Under the terms of our software development agreement, Top Flight Concepts will extend the functionality of TFConnect by special request. If customers wish to gain early access to new features or want to suggest new capabilities, we will offer custom development or early access to new software releases as appropriate. Also, Top Flight Concepts' team of programmers are available to create custom functionality and reports for your staff, carriers, and customers.

    As a software company, Top Flight Concepts has developed and currently offers the TFConnect software suite, several other software tools for the transportation industry, a web-based help desk software, a web-based survey tool, EDI file readers and creators, and a payroll and worker scheduling application for the temporary staffing industry. All of our programmers have 5+ years of experience and are extremely skilled and efficient. If you have a need for a custom development, whether related to or independent of TFConnect, please consider our team. With our experience, speed, and vast code library, we can develop high quality applications quickly, saving you money and ensuring your applications perform well.
  • Operational Support
      Since Top Flight Concepts has extensive experience in freight management, we are able to offer services that help customers grow more quckly and become more cost-efficient. Some customers may wish to have our consultants help them to implement the TFConnect software more effectively, and we are pleased to offer these consulting servces upon request. The full list of services experience is below.  
  • Logistics Services Experience
      Top Flight Concepts has extensive experience across many logistics disciplines. We leverage these skills to offer the best in desktop, web, and internet-based software for freight management. As a provider of freight management services, we have refined our software in the real world of transportation management, freight quoting, auditing, claims management, etc.

  • TFConnect: Freight Management software based on our expertise with freight brokerage, invoice auditing, and shipping data management services. It reduces administrative costs and ensures visibility into operations through data that provide real-time status of your company's transportation spending and shipments. Your firm has instant access to its own, customized website with a complete repository of freight invoices, detailed payment information, and customized analysis reports.

  • LTL (Less Than Truckload) Audit: Rate validation, weight certificate inspection, bill of lading comparison, and coding according to your specific business rules

  • Small Parcel Audit: Recovers refund for late deliveries and helps you identify troublesome delivery locations

  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange): Services for carrier invoices, payment remittance, shipment tracking, and order tendering

  • Streamlined EDI & Analysis for FedEx & UPS: Use the power of automation and paperless processing to achieve reduced administration costs, increased accuracy in GL charge allocation, and faster payment with less bottlenecks.

  • Qualified Rate Negotiation: Take the guesswork out of choosing qualified carriers to transport your products by tapping into our extensive network of valued carriers and associated business information with a program custom-designed for you. You will monitor your staff for program compliance and maintain your valuable reputation with your customers.

  • Convenient & Accurate Freight Bill Payment: Choose traditional or electronic remittance to ensure accurate and timely payment of all freight invoices. Track and monitor payments among multiple carriers while maintaining good credit with your carriers.

  • Customized Freight Cost Allocation: Effectively manage your cost center charges through a tailored program that facilitates automated selection of an appropriate cost center and ledger code. Rules-based automation from Top Flight Concepts gives you a decided advantage over traditional processes. Ensuring the accuracy of shipping charges is critical to your bottom line.

  • Value-Added Shipping Services: For truckloads, expedited, and other shipments outside your normal shipping program, you can count on Top Flight Concepts to provide consistent value.

  • Shipment Provider Assistance: Achieve the speed and reliability you need to determine the best carrier, with assistance services that include a 24/7 help desk that searches qualified carriers to get you the best value for your shipment, guarantee of at least three (3) competitive quotes for every shipment called in, and tracking of shipment through delivery to ensure its timely arrival.

  • Automated Task Management: Capitalize on electronic processing for managing your staff with a solution that allows you to workflow your business processes among your staff, customers, and carriers.

  • Legacy Transportation System Integration: Leverage your existing technology and legacy systems with a collaborative solution that enables you to maintain current systems to mitigate costly IT expenditures. You will increase the value of your legacy data by integrating new functionality with existing systems to make your data actionable and decision-oriented.
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