TFConnect® Shipping Management Software
TFConnect is a complete shipping management system designed to connect shippers, brokers, and carriers and facilitate all facets of freight data management. Boasting advanced features such as a customized customer web portal, instant rate shopping, load board integration, electronic bid requesting, automatic tracking, and much more, TFConnect gives logistics companies the power and flexibility they need to stay competitive. Formerly complex tasks such as opening a branch office or separating accounting transactions between divisions are made very simple with TFConnect.

TFConnect is designed for flexibility as well as ease of use, allowing users to easily create loads with multiple pickup and drop-off locations, track freight at the individual purchase order level, manage multiple carriers on a single load, track individual charge and cost detail, and much more. Contacts are managed centrally, so that vendor, carrier, and customer records are unique and interchangeable. High-quality, customized freight invoices can be created at the touch of a button and either printed out for mailing or directly e-mailed to the customer. In fact, all documents in the system, including customer and carrier rate confirmations, load sheets, and reports, can be exported to a variety of common document formats and e-mailed directly out of the system.






Minimal Up-Front Expenses
The managed model eliminates the need for large up-front hardware and software investments typically associated with traditional TMS software packages.

Confidence Before Commitment
Evaluate TFConnect fully in your environment with your customers and carriers before making a commitment to purchase the software.

Sophisticated Data Services
With TFConnect, you will have the staff of Top Flight Concepts available to you to provide the EDI services your carriers require, the custom reports you need to manage your business, and the interactive web pages your customers expect today.

In this expanding age of hackers and computer viruses, it is of utmost importance that your data systems be properly administered and maintained. Your data is kept in a highly secure computing location where we will manage your backups, virus protection, and uptime.

At its central goal, TFConnect strives to streamline the transportation process and improve communications between all parties involved. By encouraging other companies (carriers, vendors, etc.) with whom you do business to join the TFConnect community, you can greatly improve the efficiency of your operation. TFConnect users can request, submit, and accept bids with one another, tender orders, track shipments, share contact information, and even automatically invoice each other without ever leaving the system. TFConnect also has a built-in messaging system to allow quick communications between all parties involved in a shipment.

Web Portal
Instant Tracking
Custom Reports
Rate Shopping
Quote Tracking


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Customer References
  • Houston Wire & Cable  
  • Nett Transportation
  • Transportation Specialist's Group  
  • Aluminum Racing Products
  • The School Box  
  • MercTran
  • France Co.  
  • Enterprise Manufacturing
  • Transportation Management Co-op  
  • SMD Transportation Management, Inc.
    Featured Customer Successes
    Houston Wire & Cable
    As featured in Logistics Management Magazine:
    Houston Wire and Cable, a reseller of specialty wire and cable, took just one month to implement an on-demand TMS last year Until then, the Houston, Texas-based company had relied on a combination of a paper-based routing guide and an automated helpdesk function that routed shipments to the company's 11 warehouses. As soon as the on-demand TMS was in place, says Chris McLeod, vice president of logistics, the shipper began using it to manage freight claims, shipment tracking, ordering, and invoice matching. The software generates executive summaries and reports, which he says "matched what we were already doing," hence the short implementation time. McLeod says the on-demand TMS has helped the company more efficiently match invoices, file claims, track shipments, and route shipments. Now Houston Wire and Cable can manage shipments from "cradle to grave" in an automated fashion, rather than having to rely on paper-based systems and phone calls. McLeod also likes the convenience of automatic updates. "It has saved us both time and money," he says. "We don't have to worry about managing licenses or doing installs."
    Click here to view a pdf of the article. (3MB)

    Transportation Specialist’s Group (TSG)
    TSG was among the first businesses to adopt the TFConnect™ software suite as their freight management solution. By replacing their manual process with TFConnect, TSG was able to streamline invoicing, eliminate duplicated data entry, and better manage their claims. Gary Smith, a Partner at TSG, says "Before getting the right software, Top Flight Concept's TFConnect, a big challenge was customizing our services based on individual customers’ needs. Software limitations forced us into manual processes whenever customers asked for something non- standard." The flexibility and customizable reporting of TFConnect, provides TSG with efficient software that meets varied customer demands.
    Alliance Partners
    ProMiles: TFConnect comes integrated with the ProMiles XF(R) Mileage Guide, which offers powerful features for productive mileage estimation and routing. These data help end-to- end cost management, from rating and quoting to audit. Powerful routing enables trip-planning and mileage estimation.

    Yellow Freight: TFConnect customers can access the base rates data from Yellow Frieght for better rating and audit. YRC Worldwide is a Fortune 500 company, formerly known as Yellow Roadway Corporation, and operates in more than 70 countries of logistics and transportation solutions.

    SMC³: For licensed customers, TFConnect is fully integrated with the RateWare rating engine from SMC³. CzarLite base rates have been a standard in the transportation industry for more than 15 years and give TFConnect users a great way to standardize carrier tariffs.
    Top Flight Concepts developed its leading logistics software, TFConnect, with the latest software application development tools for online and desktop computing performance. These solutions feature Microsoft ASP .NET and C# environments with SQL Server databases and stored procedures.

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